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Credly and Twitter: Beautiful Together


Sharing badges you’ve earned on Twitter just got more awesome.

When you Tweet a link to a Credly badge, you’ll automatically be sharing a beautiful, expanded view, including the image and details that tell the story of your achievement.

Go ahead, try it. Visit your “My Credit” page, hover over or tap the “share” icon on any badge you’ve earned, and click to share it on Twitter. After it’s posted, anyone who sees your Tweet can click the “View Details” link for a delightful, detailed view of your accomplishment.

Here’s a quick example:

Credly Digital Badges on Twitter - Expanded Badge View

Sharing a Credly badge on twitterWhether you are sharing your own badge or the badge of someone who has inspired you, you’ll enjoy the same expanded view awesomeness on Twitter.

You can also just copy the link for any badge page on Credly (such as and paste it into your tweet on Twitter. Or use the Twitter icon below any badge image to share it in all it splendor.

And if you wish to embed your Tweet on a blog or web page using Twitter’s embed option, you also get a beautiful badge layout instantaneously on your site, just like this:

Tweeted Badge Embedded Using Twitter

How do you embed a Tweet? Just click the “More” link below any of your Tweets and choose “Embed Tweet”:

Tweeted Badge Embedded Using Twitter

Happy Tweeting about your well-deserved achievements!

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