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Credly Integrates The Noun Project Icon Library


Examples of Noun Project iconsGlobally Recognized Images Give Digital Badges Universal Meaning

NEW YORK, NY – (January 29, 2013) – Credly, the universal way to recognize, store and share life’s achievements, today announced it has worked with The Noun Project to integrate its thousands of globally identifiable icons into the free Credly badge-building system. Credly provides simple yet powerful ways for individuals and organizations to issue and display credentials and badges for achievements worthy of recognition, anywhere that credit is due.

Well-designed digital badges quickly and visually convey multiple dimensions of information, including the essence of the skill, competency or achievement that the credential it represents recognizes. When backed by meaningful criteria, relevant evidence and verified issuer data, the inclusion of universal symbols on the graphical portion of a credential can help observers instantly and memorably grasp the meaning behind a badge.

By having The Noun Project icons at their fingertips when issuing credentials, organizations and individuals using Credly can make badges on their own, without needing to enlist the support of a graphic designer.

“We are big fans of The Noun Project vision — to build a global visual language that everyone can understand,” said Credly founder and CEO Jonathan Finkelstein. “Empowering Credly users to create badge graphics using universally understood images is helping accelerate the already fast-growing adoption and recognition of digital badges in the workplace and in communities of shared interest.”

Finkelstein also pointed out that the availability of a global visual dictionary “provides opportunities for a diverse set of credentialing organizations and badge issuers to effortlessly employ common ways to visually recognize related achievement.”

“As ardent supporters of lifelong learning, we’re excited to see icons from The Noun Project’s collection integrated into the badge maker to encourage individual achievement and reward ongoing pursuits of knowledge,” stated Sofya Polyakov, co-founder and CEO of The Noun Project.

Credly is available on the web, on mobile devices and through the Open Credit API.

  • An online service for easily giving credit and for storing, sharing and managing credits earned.
  • Mobile app: A free, powerful mobile app for earning, issuing, displaying, and sharing credits representing achievement in virtually any setting.
  • Credly “Open Credit” API: A powerful, open programming interface for integrating credit giving, credit displaying and badge building into any other application, platform, site or experience.

Credly integrates seamlessly with web sites, apps and applications, allowing any brand and identity to be in the foreground when giving and receiving credit and badges. Credly makes it easy for anyone to deploy complete badge issuing and displaying systems using the Credly Open Credit API.

About Credly

Credly is the universal way to recognize, share and celebrate achievement. It empowers organizations and individuals to extend credit earning and issuing out of its traditional realms into any context or experience where skills, knowledge, contributions, or talent can and should be rewarded. Credly is powering innovative initiatives with groups like the YMCA of Greater New York, New York City Department of Education, Dallas Museum of Art, EDUCAUSE, Yale University and the Smithsonian, all of whom leverage Credly technology and services as they engage audiences in online, mobile and in-person experiences.

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